Book Excerpts

Skill #1: Looking To Learn
Skill #2: Transforming your Thinking
Skill #3: Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Skill #4: Caring For Your Body
Skill #5: Raising Your Emotional IQ
Skill #6: Cultivating Your Spiritual Life
Skill #7: Fine-tuning Relationships

Skill # 1 – Looking to Learn

“You’re right, I’ve had a lot on my mind,” said Mike.
“You know, it usually takes just a little tweak here and there, and not a major overhaul,” Isaiah said with a smile.
“What do you mean?” Mike said quizzically, knowing that Isaiah was no longer talking about bluegrass and laptops.
“Don’t pay any attention to me. I have no idea what I am talking about. It’s just speculation,” said the barista, luring him in.
“Speculation about what?” Mike asked with curiosity. Isaiah paused a second before responding. “On first appearance, you look like you have it all together. I’ve seen that picture in your wallet of your beautiful wife. You have a great job, family in the area, and lo and behold, a good sense of humor, unsurpassed only by my own.”
Mike’s curiosity now exceeded his normal inclination to change topics. “What are you saying?” he asked.