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Top 10 Ways to NOT Improve Your Health

A Humorous Angle 

10Keep saying to yourself that the chest pain is probably just heartburn.
9Drink as much whiskey as you can, because getting your stomach pumped is really fun for the ER staff.
8Pretend that you’re in pain and ask your doctor for Vicodin.
7Wait until you’re served divorce papers before considering marriage counseling.
6Supersize yourself.
5Use Simon Cowell’s best insults to tell off your supervisor at work. That’ll show him/her who’s really boss.
4Don’t forgive; hold a grudge. Let it really fester.
3Be an individualist. Having friends and community is for the weak.
2Lifting your fork is exercise enough. Any other exercise is overkill and is only for over-achievers.
1Start smoking. Why not? It’s only $10 a pack and it could really improve your image.
Internet Resources
(Please Note: We want to inform you of several online resources. However, we do not assume responsibility and will not be liable for any services, recommendations or policies of any of these companies or websites.)

Websites on Physical Health

Websites on the Christian Faith

Websites on Marriage and Family

How to Find a Counselor

These sites have a service called Find a Counselor or Therapist Locator. Enter your city or zip code and it will tell you counselors in your area. You can also call the customer service branch of your insurance company and ask them for names and phone numbers of counselors suiting your interests, (such as a counselor who has a certain specialty, who works with people of a certain age, or who has described themselves as a Christian counselor). Plus, you could try calling churches in your area and ask who they refer people to. And of course, word-of-mouth referrals from friends or family are often the best way to find a good counselor.

Marriage and Family Counselors
Child Counselors
Christian Counselors


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