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Do you need guest speakers for a professional meeting or marriage conference?
Are you looking for teachers for your church group or retreat?

Let Us Help

If you want to be involved in increasing the health of your church, group, employees or family, then contact us.

We offer seminars, classes, continuing education trainings, and messages for church services, retreats or group meetings.

We’ve had speaking engagements at:

  • Churches
  • Professional Organizations
  • Health centers
  • Retreat Centers
  • Ministry Groups
  • MOPS
  • Community Service Groups
Teaching Topics
True Foundation speakers teach on a wide variety of subjects, such as:
  • Relationships
  • Addictions
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Marriage
  • Family Life and Parenting
  • Views of God
  • Self-Esteem
  • Health Conditions
  • Depression
  • Christian Living
Dave and Sonya bring out the key things that you need to know from their health professions and integrate it with the Christian faith.
What Audience Members have to Say
“Excellent presentation! Comprehensive with great handouts. Thank you!”

“There is no question about their commitment to Christ and their heart for people.”

“I can tell that they are well prepared and knowledgeable of the topics--some of it ground breaking and worth reviewing.”

"Excellent instructors. Thank you for contributing to my spiritual and professional growth.”

“I want to affirm these instructors Biblical emphasis and caring, sensitive attitudes.”

“I have more hope that with God’s help I can change. This was a very helpful class. Sonya and Dave are both very friendly and good instructors.”

“This was the best Stephen Ministry training I’ve ever had.”

“The most useful information I received were the Steps to Forgiveness and the Components of an Apology. I utilized them at work and had immediate results.”

“This course really challenged me to look at how I think and align it with healthy, godly patterns rather than faulty patterns.”

“Helpful, practical information.”

“Excellent lecture and materials.”

Speaking Style

Those who have attended their seminars describe the Camerons’ teaching style as warm, engaging, interactive, and highly informative.

How People Benefit from the Ministry of TTF

Audience members learn how to overcome obstacles and hindrances that keep them tied down. They become free to live the abundant life God has for them.
Attendees are equipped with skills for healthy living. They are then better able to complete the ministry to which God has called them.

People are presented with healthy views of God and learn truths about His nature and various ways of working. This fosters new intimacy and teamwork with God.

Audiences of TTF are taught only on what these instructors have found to be the most effective and pertinent for lasting change, as demonstrated in their medical practices.

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The True Foundation
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